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Second, it’s easier to type the abbreviation when using the shortcode. Парсер в комментарии WordPress. It works seamlessly with most themes, with no coding required. Description Featured Image Caption makes it simple to show a caption with the featured image of a post or page. Thanks to avluis for the suggestion. Hopefully an updated version will come with the fix. If not false, the theme function returns a formatted caption string. Please see the shortcode documentation for usage information. Adds support for HTML tags to be used in caption and source text.

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. It’s a very small, simple php file and will permanently remove the caption feature from future posts. If you like to mess about in the code, it supports that too. Every time you save a post, the « new window » setting is saved to your user options as the default for your user for that setting. So you will have to download it here then upload it to your Plugins directory. Had to disable this plugin. Added support for custom post types. Could not connect to jetpack if this plugin is installed. Fixes bug in handling HTML tags in caption data that was introduced in the last release. Add support for the WordPress REST API. See plugin documentation for the REST API for usage information. For full details about the plugin and usage documentation, check out the plugin wiki on GitHub. Replace the Composer autoloader with an inline autoloader, to reduce plugin size and improve performance. Disappointing as there is a real need for this type of plugin.

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. Bug fixes related to activation. First, WordPress documentation advises against hyphens in shortcode names, so in order to follow best practices the hyphens have been removed. Debugging information is now displayed on the plugin settings page.

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. This option is on a post-by-post basis. You can, however, still use it to the caption data. A shortcode has been added for easy insertion of caption information into a post or page. If anyone get's it working with Extra, please post the fix because the plugin sounds exactly what I am looking for. Numerous recent threads in the support forum reporting the same problem but no response from the developer. Improved validation of supported PHP version. Fixes issue with incorrectly escaped characters for the meta box fields. Fixed bug in declaring class. A new function has been added to check whether a caption is set for the post. See the FAQ for information about the new markup and CSS classes. If you are upgrading from a previous option this will be disabled by default, otherwise it is enabled by default. The caption fields are added as properties in the response. Added the option to have the source link open in a new window. This was done for a few reasons. The plugin I use is called, surprisingly enough, ‘Caption Disabler’. I appreciate this author's quick fix when alerted to the issue with JetPack. Caption для WordPress. I don’t want to maintain two separate sets of documentation and run the risk of conflicting/outdated information, and all of the plugin development happens on GitHub. Bug fixes and improvements. Installation Upload the featured-image-caption directory to your site’s directory.

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. If PHP is too old, the plugin is deactivated and a warning is displayed. Then you will see code starting with All of this is fine. If this option is enabled, the function won’t display anything. It appears this plugin is no longer supported.. Dedicated fields for image source attribution. I personally have found this quite annoying and should you agree, here’s a couple of ways to end the madness. Removed image source attribution pre-text. Only permits tags that WordPress allows in post content. Theme function checks whether the caption data returned to it is false. When formatted text is requested, the source information has its own CSS class. Works great & is a valuable part of my site. Fixes a bug in upgrading plugin options. Changes the name of the shortcode from cc-featured-image-caption to. Fix an error caused by a relative include path. Restricts the automatic caption insertion to only occur in The Loop. Fix how the plugin checks that PHP is a compatible version. I looked into using Mizagorn's fix for the Divi theme which comes from the same stable, but unfortunately the line of code to follow doesn't appear in the equivalent file. Only display caption text data if it has been set. When automatic caption appending is enabled, the plugin can optionally only append the caption when viewing a single post. Activate the plugin through the menu in WordPress. Fixed a bug with nonce verification when saving the caption data. Added around the rendered caption to allow for CSS formatting. Fix an error thrown due to a deprecated function call for the WP REST API. Restructured the plugin to improve performance. As such, please update all the locations that you use the shortcode. ** Major Release / Breaking Changes ** Plugin can automatically add the caption after the featured image, removing the need to modify theme files. HTML tags are filtered, and only tags allowed in post content are allowed in caption and source text. Review the plugin options found in > Featured Image Caption. Fixes the activation process so that initial configuration is saved properly in the database. Thanks to anlutro for the contribution. Credit: github/brockpetrie Fix a bug with the REST API throwing errors for posts with no caption data. If false, the theme function also returns false. This will leave  only the relevant image code including the important alt text, but the pesky caption will now be removed. At my last check I did not find it when searching in the plugin directory within the WordPress dashboard