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The GitHub Import Tool allows you to quickly & easily import your GitHub project repos, releases, issues, & wiki to SourceForge with a few clicks. Fix: Fixed infinite loop in scan caused by symlinks. Improvement: Updated the bundled GeoIP database. Improvement: Optimized the country update process in the upgrade handler so it only updates changed records. Improvement: Simplified the UI by revamping menu structure and styling. Change: Separated the various blocking-related pages out from the Firewall top-level menu into “Blocking”. Fix: Added compensation for really long file lists in the “Exclude files from scan” setting. Change: Live Traffic now defaults to only logging security events on new installations. Fix: The diff viewer now forces wrapping to prevent long lines of text from stretching the layout. Fix: Fixed an issue where the scanned plugin count could be inaccurate due to forking during the plugin scan. Was a breeeeze to setup on Layers! Brian Jackson Wow, shout out to @affwp! First time setting up affiliate program, for @wpcouponsio.

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. So much better than our old system! Nate Wright It took me way too long, but I've finally migrated to @affwp. Fix: Fixed an issue with country blocking and XML-RPC requests containing credentials. Improvement: Added a check and corresponding notice if the WAF config is unreadable or invalid. Improvement: Converted the banned URLs input to a textarea. Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with determining the site’s home_url when WPML is installed. Fix: Improved appearance of some stat components on smaller screens. Fix: Added an option to allow automatic updates to function on Litespeed servers that have the global noabort set rather than site-local. Improvement: The country block rule in the blocks table now shows a count rather than a potentially large list of countries.. Fix: Fixed bug with Windows users unable to save Firewall config. Fix: Added locking to the automatic update process to ensure non-standard crons don’t break Wordfence. Improvement: Added network data for the top countries blocked list. Improvement: The check for passwords leaked in breaches now allows a login if the user has previously logged in from the same IP successfully and displays an admin notice suggesting changing the password. Improvement: Dashboard chart data is now updated more frequently. Improvement: Better documentation on Country Blocking regarding Google AdWords Advanced: Added constant “WORDFENCE_DISABLE_FILE_VIEWER” to prohibit file-viewing actions from Wordfence. Fix: Added additional error handling to the blocked IP list to avoid outputting notices when another plugin resets the error handler. Fix: Fixed site URL detection for multisite installations. Fix: Suppressed errors if a file is removed between the start of a scan and later scan stages. Improvement: Live Traffic now better displays failed logins. Improvement: Malware scan results have been modified to include both a public identifier and description. Change: Adjusted messaging when blocks are loading. Change: Added an upper limit to the maximum scan stage execution time if not explicitly overridden. Русские шаблон WordPress грузовики. Improvement: Update Geo IP database. Change: Removed the wfvt_ cookie as it was no longer necessary. Fix: Added better caching for the breached password check to compensate for sites that prevent the cache from expiring correctly. Change: Began a phased rollout of moving brute force queries to be https-only. Improvement: Added a notification when a premium key is installed on one site but registered for another URL. Improvement: Live Traffic now only shows verified Googlebot under Google Crawler filter for new visits. Fix: Corrected the message shown on Live Traffic when a country blocking bypass URL is used. Fix: Adjusted message when trying to block an IP in the whitelist. Fix: Change false positive user-reports link to use https. Change: Changed the title of the Wordfence Dashboard so it’s easier to identify when many tabs are open. Improvement: Added detection and a workaround for hosts with a non-functional MySQLi interface. Fix: Suppressed warnings on IP conversion functions when processing potentially incomplete data. Improvement: Introduced light-weight scan that runs frequently to perform checks that do not use any server resources. Fix: Fixed undefined index notices on password audit page. Fix: Multiple improvements to automatic updating to avoid broken updates on sites with low resources or slow file systems. Change: Updated support link on scan page. Improvement: Integrated blacklist blocking statistics into the dashboard for Premium users. Improvement: Added a help link to the mode display when a host disabling Live Traffic is active. Improvement: Added Kosovo to country blocking. Easily track employee time & generate payroll reports quickly. Fix: Fixed a CSS glitch where the top controls could have extra space at the top when sites have long navigation menus. Improvement: The diagnostics page now contains a callback test for the server itself. Improvement: Added alerting for when the WAF is disabled for any reason. Improvement: Improvements to the scanner’s malware stage to avoid timing out on larger files. Improvement: Reduced size of SVG assets.

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. Wordpress buddypress возможности. Fix: Restricted caching of responses from the Wordfence Security Network. Improvement: Added bulk actions and filters to WAF whitelist table. Fix: Improved updating of WAF config values to minimize writing to disk. Wordpress как вывести страницу по id. Improvement: Provided additional no-caching indicators for caches that erroneously save pages with HTTP error status codes. Fix: Fixed an activation error on multisite installations on very old WordPress versions. Fix: Added compensation for Windows path separators in the WAF config handling. Fix: Improved layout of options page controls on small screens.

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. Fix: Fixed PHP notice in the diff renderer. Improvement: Better messaging when a WAF rule update fails to better indicate the cause. Clean home для WordPress. Improvement: IP-based filtering in Live Traffic can now use wildcards. Fix: Fixed some broken links in the activity summary email. Fix: Added detection for and fixed a very large pcre.backtrack_limit setting that could cause scans to fail, when modified by other plugins. Improvement: Added pagination support to the scan issues. Improvement: New alert option to get notified only when logins are from a new location/device. Improvement: Email-based logins are now covered by “Don’t let WordPress reveal valid users in login errors”. Fix: Error log download links now work on Windows servers. Fix: Updated some wording in the All Options search box. Fix: Improved performance of checking for whitelisted IPs. Fix: Addressed a performance issue on databases with tens of thousands of tables when trying to load the diagnostics page. Fix: Fixed bug with multiple API calls to ‘get_known_files’.

Improvement: Significant performance improvement for determining the connecting IP. wfHits trimmed on runInstall now. Improvement: Support for exporting a list of all blocked and locked out IP addresses. Fix: Fixed tour popup positioning on multisite. Improvement: Improved the option value entry process for the modified files exclusion list. Fix: The updates available notification is refreshed after updates are installed. Improvement: Login timestamps are now displayed in the site’s configured time zone rather than UTC. Improvement: When the license status changes, it now triggers a fresh pull of the WAF rules. We developed OpenProj they recommend you do not use that but use US! A compliment to OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Improvement: Added better table status display to Diagnostics to help with debugging. Improvement: A text version of scan results is now included in the activity log email. WP Strategy Our favorite referral software for #WordPress websites is AffiliateWP. Fix: Made the ‘administrator email address’ admin notice dismissable. Fix: Hooked up multibyte string functions to binary safe equivalents. Improvement: Improved messaging for when a page has been open for more than a day and the security token expires. Fix: Fixed a typo in the htaccess update panel. Change: Changed the option to enable live traffic to match the wording and style of other options. Fix: Fixed a case where files in the site root with issues could have them added multiple times. Fix: The update check in a quick scan no longer runs if the update check has been turned off for regular scans. Terms Privacy Privacy Choices Opt Out Advertise Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean. Fix: Fixed a PHP notice that could occur when running a scan immediately after removing a plugin. Change: Removed the “Disable Wordfence Cookies” option as we’ve removed all cookies it affected. Fix: Removed the disallow file mods for admins created outside of WordPress. Fix: Fixed PHP notice from Undefined index: url with custom/premium plugins. Change: Removed some unnecessary files from the bundled GeoIP library. Fix: Improved connection process with Wordfence Central for better reliability on servers with non-standard paths. Improvement: Added a Wordfence Application Firewall code block for the lsapi variant of LiteSpeed. Fix: The increased attack rate emails now correctly identify blacklist blocks. Improvement: Added additional WAF support to allow us to more easily address false positives. Fix: Adjusted the behavior of parsing the X-Forwarded-For header for better accuracy. Fix: Typo fix on the options page. Improvement: The WAF install/uninstall process no longer asks to backup files that do not exist. Improvement: Added a time limit to the live activity status so only current messages are shown. Fix: Fixed the.htaccess directives used to hide files found by the scanner. Fix: Fixed bug with ‘Hide WordPress version’ causing issues with reCAPTCHA