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Compatibility Posts are backwards compatible, and shortcodes will still work. If we add that on top of the existing interface, it would complexity, as opposed to remove it.

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. Looking at the full editor screen also gives us the opportunity to drastically modernize the foundation, and take steps towards a more fluid and JavaScript powered future that fully leverages the WordPress REST API. Fix the list handling on Android. By thinking of the editor as a tool to let you write rich posts and create beautiful layouts, we can transform WordPress into something users WordPress, as opposed something they pick it because it’s what everyone else uses. Also, add Direct Link Tracking! That moment when you realize someone doesn't already know about @affwp and it makes you sound smart. We are continuously exploring how highly-tailored metaboxes can be accommodated, and are looking at solutions ranging from a plugin to disable Gutenberg to automatically detecting whether to load Gutenberg or not. A whole universe of plugins that all extend WordPress in the same way. Replace the Page Break block icon with Material version. Was a breeeeze to setup on Layers! Brian Jackson Wow, shout out to @affwp! First time setting up affiliate program, for @wpcouponsio. Wordpress плагин из шорткода. Enhancement Improve the UX of the Group block by using the individual block appender. Fix the server-side registered blocks in the widgets screen. Imagine a custom “employee” block that a client can drag to an About page to automatically display a picture, name, and bio. Update the save indicator contrast to pass AA. Feel like I've scrubbed my body clean of that old affiliate platform.

Remove redundant duplicated reducers. Fix the  Cover block’s deprecated version attributes. The use of blocks, as detailed above, allows you to focus on how your content will look without the distraction of other configuration options. Simplified menus and widgets. Prevent the Code block from rendering embeds or shortcodes. Плагин для WordPress автонаполнение. Preload the autosaves endpoint to avoid request when loading the editor. Fix copy, paste JavaScript errors in paragraph blocks with locking enabled. Check out the FAQ for answers to the most common questions about the project. Все картинки в одной папке WordPress. Allow blocks drag & drop if locking is set to “insert”. Fix The tabbing order in the Gallery Block. Improve the specificity of the custom colors styles. Fix small visual error in the active state of the formatting buttons. Allow non-production env in wp-scripts build.

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. Automate the scripts dependencies generation. What people are saying on Twitter Thanks to @Gravity_View and @affwp for sponsoring my first two events in Jan. Improve the contrast of the button focus styles. Fixed focus state of pressed AM/PM buttons. Editing focus The editor will create a new page- and post-building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery. They're feature-rich, well-coded, well-supported and play nice! Brian Krogsgard @zgordon You gotta go @affwp! Need to give a shout out to @affwp for the awesome plugin they've created for affiliate programs. Set caret position correctly when merging blocks using the Delete key. Case-insensitive search for existing categories. Fix when nothing is rendered. While we want to make sure the new editing experience from writing to publishing is user-friendly, we’re committed to finding a good solution for highly-tailored existing sites. Fix the URLInput aria properties. Description Gutenberg is more than an editor. Fix the pinned plugins buttons styles when toggled. Matt Whiteley I'd like to say how nice it is working with plugins like @eddwp and @affwp.. Support headers and footers in the Table block. Add role to the copy all content menu item.

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. Export React.memo in the @wordpress/element package. Fix the webpack dependency plugin: filename function handling. Support setting a width to the column block. Please use @affwp if you're selling #WordPress products and aren't using anything. Please see the full list in CONTRIBUTORS.md. WP Strategy Our favorite referral software for #WordPress websites is AffiliateWP. Improve eslint disable comments. - Matt Mullenweg One thing that sets WordPress apart from other systems is that it allows you to create as rich a post layout as you can imagine - but only if you know HTML and CSS and build your own custom theme. Add focus style to the document outline panel. Proxy the code/block-editor replaceBlock action in the core/editor package. Fix format buttons incorrectly toggled on RichText blur. Improve accessibility of the missing block. Fix inconsistent heading sizes between the classic and the heading blocks. When singular block interface takes center stage, it demonstrates a clear path forward for developers to create premium blocks, superior to both shortcodes and widgets. Support updating images using Drag & Drop. Clean DropZone component’s unused state. So much better than our old system! https://t.co/xguAfBRTrc Nate Wright It took me way too long, but I've finally migrated to @affwp. Discover more about the project. Fix the Auto-scroll behavior on List block. Here’s why we’re looking at the whole editing screen, as opposed to just the content field: The block unifies multiple interfaces. The stages of Gutenberg Gutenberg has three planned stages. Add a usability warning when audio/video autoplay is applied. Contributors Gutenberg is built by many contributors and volunteers. Fix block showing an error in Safari when focused. This ultimately will help all users present their content in a way that is engaging, direct, and visual. Split JavaScript CI tasks to individual jobs. These foundational elements will pave the way for stages two and three, planned for the next year, to go beyond the post into page templates and ultimately, full site customization. Gutenberg looks at the editor as more than a content field, revisiting a layout that has been largely unchanged for almost a decade.This allows us to holistically design a modern editing experience and build a foundation for things to come. Wordpress описание при наведении. Refactor the File block to use the block.json syntax. Considering the whole interface lays a solid foundation for the next focus, full site customization. Show the block movers in the widgets screen. remove __unstablePositionedAtSelection component. This initial phase focuses on a content-first approach. They embrace the breadth of functionality WordPress is capable of, with the clarity of a consistent user experience. Fix Youtube embed styles when used multiple times in a post. Support watching block.json changes in our build tool. Add a first version of the video block. Refactor core/edit-post INIT effect to use action-generators and controls. Preserve the caret’s horizontal position when navigating blocks. Blocks are the unifying evolution of what is now covered, in different ways, by shortcodes, embeds, widgets, post formats, custom post types, theme options, meta-boxes, and other formatting elements. Upgrade simple-html-tokenizer dependency. Clarify the name of the inline code format. Avoid showing pre-publish panel buttons as links. This will allow you to easily compose beautiful posts like this example. Pass individual files as arguments from watch to build script. Ultimately, it will open new opportunities for plugin and theme developers to better serve users through a more engaging and visual experience that takes advantage of a toolset supported by core. Fix extra line breaks added when pasting from Google Docs. By revisiting the interface, we can modernize the writing, editing, and publishing experience, with usability and simplicity in mind, benefitting both new and casual users