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Blocked spam comments can be easily converted to regular comments if needed. So trackbacks are blocked but pingbacks are enabled. When you install WordPress, Akismet is already there. For commercial uses and/or more checks, there are paid plans.When a new comment is submitted to your site, it’s automatically sent to Akismet’s cloud servers where it’s checked. You can create blacklists by email, IP, country, etc. Saving spam comments can help you to keep all the comments saved and review them in future if needed. Extra hidden field is added to comments form. The first, the JavaScript/Cookies level, deals with bots, while the Algorithmic level of protection uses more sophisticated approaches to deal with both bots and human spammers. To enabled that you need to go to: WordPress admin dashboard => Settings section => Anti-spam Saving blocked comments into spam section is disabled by default. ability to trust approved commenters, match against a public anti-spam database, use regular expressions to more precisely set spam criteria, etc. This plugin doesn’t have all the perks and power of other plugins, but as a quick and dirty solution it’s just fine. What you desperately need is a good WordPress antispam plugin. If you get an error - you may check the solution in the Support section or submit a new topic with detailed description of your problem. You can search for other antispam plugins and see if you like them more, but basically the ones I didn’t list either have similar features or have fewer features than these. This is useful for testing and debug purpose. Plugin blocks spam only in comments section.

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. Antispam BeeIf comment spam is your main worry and you don’t need a more complex solution, try Antispam Bee. Wordpress antispamimage скачать. You may use Anti-spam Pro plugin if you need to enable trackbacks. This field is hidden for the user and user will not fill it. Working fine with the latest version of WordPress. After installing the Anti-spam plugin try to submit a comment on your site being logged out. Keep it up this good work -Rajan V Участники и разработчики «Anti-spam» - проект с открытым исходным кодом. Spammers does not use pingbacks because backlinks are checked. But this field is visible for the spammer. The plugin is pretty small and easy to read. WordPress Zero SpamThe best thing about WordPress Zero Spam is that you don’t need an API key or complex configuration in order to use it. The visibility option for this info block is saved per user.

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. Описание Anti-spam plugin blocks automatic spam in comments section. Users use pingbacks very often because they work automatically. It is the question about the current year.

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. It’s great for comment and registration spam. This can be enabled/disabled via Settings page. This plugin doesn’t come with bells and whistles, but it has all the nice features you need – e.g.

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. This plugin works so well and so quietly, you forget it's even there. For a popular WordPress site with comments enabled, comment spam is one of the worst nightmares for an administrator. Blocked comments can be stored in the Spam area if needed. You can monitor spam in comments, registration, contact form, WooCommerce orders, newsletters, landing pages, etc. If the spammer will fill this trap-field with anything - the comment will be blocked because it is spam. Отзывы Been using this for years and never had a problem with spam comments. It’s a free plugin with no ads. Виджет чата WordPress. I've been using it with my sites since it came out. Plugin is easy to use: just install it and it just works. And one more extra note… If site has caching plugin enabled and cache is not cleared or if theme does not use ‘comment_form’ action and there is no plugin inputs in comments form - plugin tries to add hidden fields automatically using JavaScript. If the spammer will fill year-field incorrectly - the comment will be blocked because it is spam. If the comment is determined to be clean, it’s published right away. Unobtrusive JavaScript Anti-spam plugin works with disabled JavaScript. If the user visits site, than this field is answered automatically with javascript, is hidden by javascript and css and invisible for the user. You can hide or show this info block in the «Screen Options» section.

Spammers uses trackbacks because it is easy to cheat here. When you add to it other forms of spam a site receives, it becomes too much. You can log spammers and blog IPs. Users with disabled JavaScript should manually fill catcha-like input before submitting the comment. However, in order to use it, you need to get an API key. There are around a dozen of them. Thanks for this! Great plugin, but very unhappy about the sudden use of large advertising banner to install MailOptin plugin which are completely irrelevant Definitely the best Anti Spam plugin around.does what it's supposed to do. WP-SpamShieldWP-SpamShield is another great WordPress antispam plugin. It's a really awesome plugin. If the algorithm determines the comment is spam, it’s moved to the Spam category. It’s especially useful if you are struggling with tons of bot-generated spam but are reluctant to add a captcha because your human visitors will hate it too.WP-SpamShield uses two levels of protection. Anti-spam plugin is GDPR compliant and does not store any other user data except of the behavior mentioned above. You can use Anti-spam Pro plugin if you need to block manual spam. You can easily mark comment as «not spam» if some of the comments were blocked by mistake. It also shows statistical data so that you know how you are doing in your fight with spam.If for one reason or another none of these plugins are good enough for you, there are some more I didn’t include. Here are five free plugins I consider the best.Akismet by Automattic is included by default in WordPress