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Easy handling with a very nice guaranteed result. I've really enjoyed every aspect of installing and using this app. Routine exams and preventative care for your pet’s wellness Early detection and correction of medical problems will help to ensure that your pet will live a long, healthy and active life. I am VERY impressed by the features and the amount of options available for customization. The issue was related to an older version of WP, not the plugin, so no worries there. The scroll bar solves a multitude of design problems. I don't actually have the plugin working as yet, but the quality of their site and their support is enough to convince me that they're a Five Star outfit. I recently wanted to do some custom styling to the scrollbar for the feed and they were quick and helpful on how to do that. John at the support was very patient. A suggestion for a future update, a page with options that create the perfect short code for you. Some of the require the pro version. this plugin does not post in facebook and hence does not require you to make an api key either - unlike most. I'm glad to continue using this plug-in to get a Facebook feed to my client's website. I upgraded to the Pro version. I run my business's front page using this plugin. Obviously word press is great, but it's a great time saver for me to merge my Facebook feed and website to have a really dynamic and easy to operate front page. I have had no issue with it working until a change caused a malfunction in appearance. Whilst the plugin was showing incorrectly in Firefox, a quick support message to John and all fixed. Plus, it just works! I *was* --- PAST TENSE! --- using another Facebook posts plugin but it stopped working and the man who created it hasn't replied to any of us who wrote to tell him that the plugin stopped working. There are none better Facebook integrations for WP. I had it up and running in no time! I've only had one issue, which the developer responded to very quickly, so I had it resolved very fast. Only way to make it better would be for it to make me a sandwich. This plugin works brilliantly bringing all of the company posts to the front of our website. He just helps wherever he can. I also needed to contact Customer Support and the response was quick and answered my question. I have little to no expertise and valued John's patient and thorough explanation of why I had caused this glitch. The plugin works like a charm, had some troubles getting it to work on my latest site and contacted support. This plugin brings out the best in both Facebook and WordPress. Hope the plugin is maintained to keep up with whatever Facebook changes on their end in the coming years. Had a minor problem and very rapit support response from John. One of the most interesting and nice Facebook-Plugin i ever saw in my live.

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. This plugin is awesome! I never have any issues with it, and it does exactly what I want. It works great and the team at Smash Balloon are very helpful. Jam packed with features that are highly customizable. The cost of the premium version is low compared to the value and support received. Also I needed support and I have to say that customer service is very top level. I'm sure that there are no better Facebook plugin than Custom Facebook Feed. After testing the free version on one site, I bought the Pro version. I use this plugin in my site and I really find it very useful. It's cheap to go pro, and the extensive short code library makes it simple to modify the feed to get exactly what you want. Thanks so much to John for prompt resolution of my issue. The paragraph above is from my first reply. Couldn't be happier! Great! Perfect plug-in which does the job. So many plugins look great when you read the blurb, but are actually complicated to configure etc. Its instructions are clear. Customer service is amazing. Support is also easily available with quick answers. It seems like a pretty robust plugin to me! My clients are happy with it and so am I. Thank you for your prompt answers. Excellent support too! I am using the paid "Pro" version, which is definitely worth it. The pro plugin and add ins for Photo Albums and Lightbox work well. Recently the feed crashed, an error appeared where it should appear on my homepage. I went through its support and within a very few hours got an email with the fix and an humble, personable explanation. And.it has a lot of options to choose and to customize the look and feel. I can't wait to implement it on all of my sites. Wordpress customer reviews русский. I've got stuck once, and only through my not reading John's clear documentation with enough attention - his response was quick, professional and solved the 'problem' immediately. costs some money but makes feeding Facebook easy. A simple solution which works great. This plugin was so easy to incorporate into our web pages. And works brilliantly too!! I run my business's front page using this plugin. Only down side but not very important is the extensions, would have made this perfect if they was included into the script free, but I do understand the company needs to make profit to survive. Really easy to set up but loaded with option for tweaking and customising to your needs. This plugin saves me time synchronizing posts on multiple Facebook and WordPress sites and is well worth the small monetary investment. The best care and comfort for older dogs and cats It seems like just yesterday that your pet was full of youthful antics. Great plugin and amazing support, if only all plugins and support was like this. Thanks John @ Smash Balloon. John, the developer is a force of nature and answers all questions with precision and grace. An extra big plus is the fast and professional support. We required some support for removing shared posts and still setting the number of posts visible, the support team delivered a swift response and developed the perfect solution for us which made the plugin work exactly how we wanted. I'm using Custom Facebook Feed in some sites that I developed, it's fully customizable, you can choose a lot of details, from colours, to translated sentences. The plug-in does exactly what it says it does. Customer support was quick - had a minor problem with theme compatibility but it was solved within minutes. I've used the plugin for my clients without any problems Does what it should. Worth to recommend for every one.

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. John solved the problem in a couple of hours, well done! Works exactly as described, and the customer support is fabulous. Thanks and keep up the excellent work! Fácil de instalar, muy configurable y completo. Support contacted me within an hour on a Sunday with numerous fixes to try and the first one worked. He not only answered my questions fully, he also gave detailed step-by-step instructions as well as extra information to make my Facebook feed display in all sorts of ways. After researching a bit on which plugin would provide the easiest way of integrating my facebook feed on my site, I settled on the Custom Facebook Feed. Worth the money I spent on Pro. Very easy to set up and use. The closest I had to get to code was to cut-and-paste a short line it gave me into the widget itself. Without his help I would have never been able to obtain a Facebook User Access Token which is required in order to post Facebook "shares" on WordPress sites. I cannot recommend it enough. The best care and comfort for older dogs and cats It seems like just yesterday that your pet was full of youthful antics. Plugin looks great out of the box and if you have a problem their support is excellent. I plan to continue using this plugin on both my regular and mobile site. Very useful plugin to show the FB feed on your site. The support is very prompt and excellen! Works exactly as advertised. Understandable interface quickly and enjoyable. I feel the added features and great customer service are worth the price. Easy to install/use, fast and courteous support, does exactly what it says, highly recommend! I wanted a feed of posts from my Facebook group on my website, and this plug-in does that and looks great. David quickly put alot of energy into helping me fix a problem I caused - not the plugin. I have the Pro version and there are many customizing options. It's really good to know that when you pay for a plugin it has a "mother and a father" and professional support when it's needed. John at Customer Support was very patient.

Support was excellent and immediate. The service is very personal and swift. When I had questions, they were answered promptly. Very easy and effective to adapt the design of the application to your website. So easy to configure and, if you do have any questions, you get a very quick and clear response. Custom Facebook Feed works perfectly and the support and documentation are top notch! It's easy to setup and very customizable for my needs. I've used Smash Balloon's Custom Facebook Feed for a couple of years. Wordpress customer reviews русский. It's easy to install and experiment with the free version, and the results are excellent immediately. Wordpress как настроить хлебные крошки. I would definately recommed this to anyone. I have only used the free version but it still has plenty of controls and it works like a charm, thanks! Excellent in all respects including customer service. The program recognizes the top dealers throughout the U.S. I checked few FB plugins before - this one was the best. Having ready and actioned your really remarkably prompt response to my unpaid support request and seen the detail the plugin system info gives, impressed is hardly the word. Setup is verry understandable, even for wordpress novice like me! Tons of design options to tweak and it works like a charm. I've tried every one of them. I have been running this plugin for a little while now and I must say I'm very impressed and wouldn't use any other now. I will continue to use it. Great job! Great Plugin - Super Fast and Competent Support.. The support is also as good as the product. A truly effective technical support. The plugin-in performs beautifully.



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. excellent customer service -- they emailed me the custom CSS code fix I needed. This plugin has been an easy solution to getting a Facebook feed on my WordPress websites. It has sooooo many options and features that extend the functionality. I'm hoping to upgrade to the Pro version in the near future. Best customer support ever. Support is quick & accurate, as long as you are aware they may be in a different time zone to you. Can not recommend this plug in highly enough. Love the flexibility and great support. When first I went to your support pages my reaction was very favourable. I used these to configure a horizontal feed in addition to having a main page with the feed Support has been exemplary I really like this plugin; I've used it on several of my clients sites and it keeps getting better and better. After trying most of the other Facebook feeds plugins & getting frustrated by them, Custom Facebook Feed is by far the best and no need to look anywhere else. Plugin extremeley simple to use. Today I had a small question and got the same day a reply and solution from Smash Balloon. Thank you for providing first class support. Great customer support, great plug-in, I have nothing to complain about. This is probably one of the best plug-ins I've encountered on the internet as it brings me in business. I've been wanting to be able to feed my clients' Facebook content to their sites and this does it really well. i only have good word to say on the plugin and on the customer support it kick ass a great investment and i suggest for every people that consider to buy it to do so cause it work flawless. And this was all while I was using the FREE version!! I bought the plugin license to access more features and it works so incredibly well I keep waiting to be disappointed by not being able to do something I want to but that just hasn't happened. Highly recommend it for flawless performance and attentive customer service. Had one small issue with albums and news feeds, sent a email to the support team and within an hour had a response with the shortcodes needed, dropped them into the site and bingo displaying all the right stuff. David from Smash Balloon deserves a special mention: His support and expertise have been awesome!! Both before and after purchase of this plugin, his attention and knowledge were super helpful and his responses were lightening fast