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المعرّب الرسمي والداعم الفني لبرنامج إدارة المحتوى "ووردبريس". This […] If you’re a WordPress user, then probably you would have heard of – Theme Customizer – a new exciting development that was introduced with the […] Bright and modern, user-friendly and informative – this is a webstore that users will get a hang of. Как сделать полный бэкап сайта на WordPress. Often located on the top of the page, this module showcases a list of […] A collection of free WordPress themes procured from various Wp theme sites. می‌توانید نگارش جدید وردپرس فارسی را از این بخش دریافت٬ یا به‌صورت خودکار از بخش مدیریت سایت خود٬ به‌روز نمایید.توجه داشته باشید که پیغام به‌روزرسانی در بخش مدیریت سایت شما باید مربوط به وردپرس […] The world around us is changing at a tremendous speed.

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. It should bring the pleasure of shopping […] WordPress has evolved from a mere blogging platform to a full-fledged web development platform. If you are looking for a responsive portfolio theme based on bootstrap framework, please take a look at the Fyre WordPress theme from. Как вывести все посты автора WordPress. The site is www.infopos.com and they asked me […] Everybody is talking about the Google’s upcoming algorithm update. When you scroll down you would see the rest […] osTicket is a very popular open source Support ticket system. الكاتب: الأقسام: تلميحات الكاتب: الأقسام: تلميحات الكاتب: الأقسام: تطوير القوالب وردپرس فارسی ۵٫۲ منتشر شد.این نگارش از وردپرس فارسی با افتخار مزیّن به نام استاد گرانقدر موسیقی ایران، «حسن اسکندری» است.

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. I have created a responsive Bootstrap based  theme for the clients section of osTicket.

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. Wordpress для профессионалов брайан уильямс. […] Creating and email subscriber list is probably the singular most important thing in developing a community base for your website or brand.

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. There are few […] You may have seen some awesome websites or themes that comes with a full-screen hero section.. Every time it happens there is a natural tension and panic that spreads along with it. The life is getting more dynamic. If one needs to make a loud appearance in […] Featured post carousels are a commonly found element on blog/news/magazine type themes