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У категорий нет миниатюр Please use Taxonomy Images plugin to attach image to category, and than turn on «Show Thumbnails for categories» option in Gooods Catalog plugin settings. Also, you can send me your language files and I’ll add them to the release. Wordpress plugin каталог статей. Just go to Settings -> Permalinks and press «Save». Wordpress вид как на главной. Журнал изменений Fix $output for shortcode sitemap Pass breadcrumbs parameters to categories_chain Translation fixes Add a optional attribute include_category, exclude_category. Коды для использования на сайте Use shortcode [goods_newest] to display the newest products anywhere in the site: on post or page. Установка зависимостей Please install Taxonomy Images plugin, that provides thumbnails for categories.. All widgets you put in there will be available only for catalog pages. After the installation, please activate the plugin through the menu in WordPress. Found Goods Catalog plugin in the list. Никакие настройки на этой странице менять не надо. Goods Catalog готов к переводу на ваш язык. It is not recommended: you will lose the changes after the plugin update. Main features Unlimited categories of products with unlimited depth of subcategories Tumbnails for categories and products The separate sidebar for the catalog, to show different widgets on the catalog and other pages. Wordpress загрузка файла ошибка http. Now you can add the currency easily Updated shortcode [goods_newest] Updated POT file Updated translation to the Russian language Updated breadcrumbs function. You can put your.PO and.MO files into /wp-content/languages/plugins/ and you will not loose the translations after plugin update. The last breadcrumb is not a link now. Перейдите Настройки -> Постоянные ссылки и нажмите «Сохранить». Коды для использования на сайте Виждеты The catalog created with Goods Catalog is easy to navigate: at the main catalog page are located all parent categories of products, at the category page firstly are located subcategories and then products of the category. Or you can install the plugin manually: Download the plugin in archive. Please, set up the sidebar in the plugin settings. It only displays title with link and description, without image.

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. Мистические темы для WordPress. Thank you for the good job! Кому нужен простой каталог для отображения своих товаров, ставьте не задумываясь! Участники и разработчики «Goods Catalog» - проект с открытым исходным кодом. Wordpress plugin каталог статей. Another option is to change the plugin files see the discussion here.

Классная тема WordPress. You don’t need to change your permalinks. Описание Goods Catalog создан, чтобы помочь вам организовать простой каталог товаров на сайте под управлением WordPress. Upload unzipped goods-catalog folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.