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Fixed default template for [featured_properties] shortcode. Removed ability to hide Overview meta box on “All Properties” page on backend. Fixed pagination issue of [property_overview] shortcode. Fixed displaying of title, alt and caption options of property images. Added ‘Child Properties’ table’s column on ‘All Properties’ page, which shows the list of all children for particular property. Read More In our May winter issue, we invite you on a culinary journey to Mauritius, imagine a dream kitchen. Fixed issue with odd br in Text Editor Data Entry field. To disable sorter, use [property_overview sorter=off] or [property_overview sorter=false]. Fixed attributes by groups sorting on single property page. ‘wpp_get_properties_query’ filter added to the primary property query. Fixed typos ‘YEs’ in value for single checkbox attribute. Refactored file structure of plugin. Wordpress real estate русские. Fixed bug with search values from trashed properties being used in search drop-downs. Changed settings export to use JSON extension. Added hook to property_search form to have ability to add any custom fields. Added hook to wpp_render_search_input function for ability to add field with custom type. Google Maps popup box customization. Fixed bug with cookie file generating on connection to RETS servers. Using of Google Maps API key increases google validation limits. See free WP-Property Terms Add-on. Improved [featured_properties] shortcode. Added debug log functionality for better troubleshooting issues. Disabled legacy API key system. Fixed default list of Property Types on first WP-Property install. Fixed issue with searching decimal numeric values on property search.

More advanced currency settings. Added ‘Sort By’ and ‘Sort Order’ options for Child Properties widget. Fixed issue when private properties were not showing for administrator. Fixed address format option for Featured Properties widget. Fixed property object caching. Added ability to set numeric or slider pagination for [property_overview] shortcode and Property Overview widget. Option to disable phone number formatting [property_overview pagination=off] fix WIP: Multiple [property_overview] elements on one page – pagination fix Added function to re-validate all addresses, very useful for updating Google Maps localization in bulk. Added option to see who is editing the Settings tab right now. Added Property Overview widget based on [property_overview] shortcode. Fixed ‘range input text’ fields rendering for property search form. Removed deprecated encode/decode mysql output functionality on post meta saving/getting. Fixed empty view-link on Edit Property page. Improved init of WPP_DEBUG_MODE for cron job.

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. Fixed showing Attribute on Edit Property page which has ‘Multi-Checkbox’ Data Entry. Updated/fixed users capabilities for Power Tools add-on. Added ability to clone listings. Various fixes to search logic. Search result pagination back-button support. Improved [property_attribute] shortcode. Wordpress real estate русские.

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. Fixed bug with reset slideshow images on property update. Now you can set coordinates directly on map. Fixed Warnings and Notices. Бесплатный хостинг для WordPress свой домен. Added optional revision control for properties. Fixed typo which broke property_overview pagination. Updated Default API functions to reflect changes to ‘wpp_property_stats_input_’ filter update. Added smart Manual Coordinates option. Упорядочить список категории в WordPress. Added option to disable fancybox. Added function to automatically check for premium features on activation. Added minutes to the Added and Updated fields on All properties page. Added ablity to show decimals for numeric values. Refactored attributes and meta management and added new attribute types. Added ability to set single or page templates of current theme for rendering Single Property page instead of predefined property.php. Fixed importing empty values with line breaks. Moved ‘Advanced Settings’ to the ‘Help’ tab out of the ‘Developer’ tab on Settings page Cleaned up functionality of plugin. [property_overview show_children=true/false] tag added. Fixed issue with draft properties showing up poorly in back-end. Fixed double sharp for strict search in field’s value. Added automatic plugin cache flushing on plugin activation.

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. Property editing screen will show a checkbox for an attribute if the pre-defined values in Developer tab are set to ‘true,false’ or ‘false,true’ instead of a dropdown. Fixed duplicated images sizes issue. Fixed loading of localisation files. Fixed the issue with ‘+’ symbol in values on settings saving. Added ability to disable WP-Property Widget Sidebars. Added paragraphs for description in PDF Flyer. Fixed admin CSS conflicts with Comet Cache accordions. Updated localisation files. Updated Premium Folder permission error to identify when the issue really is permissions, or actually ownership. Fixed WPML compatibility issue with [property_attributes] shortcode. Code clean up and improvements. Fixed Yes/No values for checkbox type inputs. Added strict search option for [property_search] shortcode and ‘Property Search’ widget. Fixed issue with duplicated Currency symbol on Single Property page. Added compatibility with WPML plugin. Fixed the way of widgets initialization. Generated new POT file Fix to Google Maps link to use localization from back-end overview. Fixed ‘Property/Properties’ white labels. Changed method to sort images by ascending order and expose. Fixed save_property action. Added hooks to get_sortable_keys and get_properties functions. Fixed defined min and max values of ‘Advanced Range Dropdown’ fields on Property Search form. Fixed search by ‘property_id’ if attribute with the same slug exists. Fixed ‘Next’ button’s event in numeric pagination for property overview. Added ability to set default values for property’s attributes. Fixed history pagination for [property_overview] shortcode. Fixed option ‘Display in featured listings’ on edit property page. Fixed showing Logs data when option ‘Show Log’ is enabled. Refactored ‘All Properties’ page and added smart filter on it. Fixed showing of Multi-Checkbox values. Fixed issues with Media tab on edit property page. Added ‘Advanced Range Dropdown’ Search Input field which renders min and max select boxes. Fixed Fatal Error which did occur when class ‘RWMB_Field_Multiple_Values’ was called too early. Added Property Map widget based on [property_map] shortcode. Read More In March’s special décor and design issue we show you many beautiful ways to increase the value of. Fixed typo in property editing screen. Args return_blank and make_link added